Our Story

We are a social manufacturing company that produces high-quality custom printed bags and other textile-based products creating jobs for Syrian refugee women and Jordanian women in the north of Jordan.

A business with purpose

We exist because we believe that our business model can contribute to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Our goal is to provide real opportunities to women and their families, while building productive capacity in rural areas of Jordan and providing sustainable jobs alongside with relevant training

Paying Living wages for our women

Good work environment and continuous training to support productivity and the increase of job placements

Boosting innovation in our production process to become more efficient and support better wages

We have employed 20 women in our business model and are planning to hire more

Our passion for a quality product translates in a longer product lifetime and our commitment to work with sustainable and environmental friendly suppliers. All this, with the purpose of reducing the carbon print and environmental impact of our manufacturing activities

Teenah stands for high quality and functional design

Our business model works under the premise of both social and product sustainability. That is why every part of our supply chain aims at promoting responsible consumption under ethical standards by:

  • delivering resistant, high-quality cotton bags

  • optimizing volume to offer competitive prices

  • promoting eco-friendly merchandising solutions

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